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Lean protein is an essential part of an active lifestyle to rebuild muscle and shorten recovery time. Team Beef Virginia is a community of athletes that understand and value the importance of nutrition in their training regimen. The Virginia Beef Council, along with 23,000+ cattle producers across the state, sponsors these athletes in order to fuel them and foster an environment for them to make BOLD differences in their sports and their abilities through the power of beef. 

Be BOLD: Push yourself to new limits. Whether you're a runner or a mountain climber, there is room to accomplish things you didn't know your body could do. More literally, BOLD stands for Beef in an Optimal Lean Diet. Beef packs a punch when it comes to nutrition, helping your body recover faster and fueling you for the finish!

Team Day May 2017

Thank you to the many members of our team who were able to attend team day for a farm tour, fun run, and team building!

Benefits of Beef
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What role does beef play in the diet of athletes? What key nutrients does beef offer that help fuel your activities? What about heart health? Watch the video to learn more!

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Our team is full for the Fiscal Year 2017, but we are accepting applications until September 11th for our FY2018 year, which begins October 1st!

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