The Maass Family - McKenney, Virginia

VBC: Tell us about your operation

Bobby: We are located in Southside Virginia in Dinwiddie County. We have approximately 75 fall calving commercial Angus cows. Our cows graze on about 250 acres of fescue and orchard grass pastures. We use extensive rotational grazing to allow our cows to eat grass year around. We only feed them hay on the few days a year we get snow.  We also bale 100 acres of hay, about half of that is sold in small square bales to horse farms and the other half is sold in round bales to neighboring cow farms.

VBC: Who works on your farm and what does each person do?

Bobby: I work on the farm when I am not working as a Firefighter for the City of Richmond. Charles Wells, a 72 year old retired crane operator and neighbor is my main help on the farm. He checks the cows and takes care of the farm when I am at the fire station. Charles checks the cows daily and gets all the Cab tractor work done and leaves the dirty jobs for me.

VBC: What's your favorite way to enjoy beef?

Bobby: My favorite cut is sirloin steak, but my favorite beef recipe is brisket covered in Montreal steak seasoning and sweet onions, cooked in the smoker at 220 degrees for about 12 hours.

VBC: What is your favorite thing about raising beef?

Bobby: Now that my twin girls are almost 3 years old, taking them to fields with me and having them “help daddy”, is by far my favorite thing about raising beef. The best way for kids to learn how to count is by counting cows!!!!