Storing Beef at Home

Whether you buy beef every week, or buy a whole beef once a year, these tips will help ensure quality and safety!

Beef Storage Recommendations


Hamburger/Ground Beef: 1-2 days

Steaks: 3-5 days

Roasts: 3-5 days

Leftovers: 3-4 days

Beef Storage Recommendations


Hamburger/Ground Beef: 3-4 months

Steaks: 6-12 months

Roasts: 4-12 months

Leftovers: 2-6 months

Freezer full of beef

Storage Material

Vacuum-sealed packaging will last longer than traditional meat packaging in the fridge (5-7 days). Use freezer bags or freezer specific wrapping - this will reduce freezer burn. Food safety is a concern for all fridge recommendations above. In the freezer, food will stay safe indefinitely, but the quality will diminish over time.