Need a snack to power you through the day? Beef jerky continues to be on the rise because it's a flavorful, lean, portable protein. In addition to beef jerky's bold flavor, it packs a low-fat, high-protein nutritional punch to keep you going throughout the day. That means less snacking overall. In fact, registered dietitians say:

"Beef Jerky is a high-quality protein snack, which provides your body with essential amino acids needed to build, maintain, and repair muscle" -Nancy Rodriguez, PhD, RD, FACSM.
"Jerky is always a go-to snack I eat and recommend to clients. I love it in particular when traveling since it's portable, non-perishable, and a great source of high-quality protein" -Chris Mohr, PhD, RD.

Plus, did you know that beef has 10 essential nutrients? Learn more about jerky below:


Beef Jerky: Ultimate Snack Hack

Beef jerky is a great on-the-go snack that can fuel any family member! Here's 5 reasons jerky is the ultimate snack-hack for families on the move.

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Jerky at Home

Whether you're a homesteader, a DIY pro, or you just like to know how it's done, we have recipes for homemade jerky. Not brave in the kitchen? Not to worry! There are plentiful options for jerky at the grocery store and local retailers alike. 


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