Cider + Beef Pairings

Beef and hard cider have an undeniable affinity for one another. The profound, meaty, complex, rich flavor of beef is complemented by a beverage that's equally complex, crisp, and rich. Nothing fits the bill better than cider. There's also the all-important issue of texture. Mouth-filling, bubbly, concentrated ciders provide just the right counterbalance to beef's dense texture. Like the perfect gastronomic seesaw, a sip of cider makes you want another bite of beef, and a bite of beef makes you want another sip of cider.


Created in partnership with Bold Rock Hard Cider

Bold Rock Tasting room in Nellysford is celebrating Beef Month in May with several beef dishes to choose from. Check it out!

Bold Rock Beef Marinade

The recipes for this Bold Rock Beef Marinade are bound to become one of your favorite summer recipes. Home-grown recipe from right here in Virginia. 

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BBQ Chipotle Burgers & Bold Rock Virginia Apple Cider

Tart but light Virginia Apple cider should be paired with items that have some heat. This is the perfect mating of sweet-heat deliciousness.

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Slow-Cooked Whiskey-Molasses Shredded Beef & Bold Rock Draft Amber Apple Cider

The medium-body of this draft works well with something similar. Shredded beef is delicious & easy any time of year.

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Reuben Bites & Bold Rock IPA

The hoppy IPA flavors go so well with these easy and fun appetizers.

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Mexican-Style Beef Nachos & Bold Rock IPA

Hop into a great pairing for watching the game or having friends over. 

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Mini Beef Albondigas & Bold Rock Virginia Apple Cider

These are great to make ahead and bring to a party or tailgate! The light cider creates a lovely ying-and-yang balance to the boldness of the meatballs.

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Beef & Kale Queso Fundido with Bold Rock IPA

Beef. Kale. Queso. Hops. Oh, and a great way to use up leftover pot roast. Need we say more?

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